Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

it is morning

eh..morning guys!!wat are u doing??r u doing gud??is there anything that i can help u??owhhhh..people always says dat dis time is the best time to study...for about 10 years as a student..i never woke up and study at this is hard to sleep n  then get up from my bed at this time..

i try to do it.but it is so not rite..SLEEPY..yup..dats wat i felt..haha..but then i still in my holidays as for my result will only be given on march sumthing, i can easily woke up at this time to just log in to my facebook..wth rite??haha..i cant even sleep now..hoh??wat a great suprise rite??now..i just hoping i will keep this attitude when i have to struggle 4 my exam or wateva which is related to the study..haha..i wanna change laaa..

im almost is time for me to grow up..looking for my a comittment to mylife..look for the rite future n bring the past to my future as a lesson 4 me.yup!!i wanna make my mind..i wanna be a grown up person..matured..confident..

yup..i dunno why..but i wanna change..n since i have made up my mind..i felt like going to sleep..owhhh..i have to sleep...i can see million of star dancing on my head..hoho..

dunno why i choose to write in english..even my grammar seem to go everywhere..

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